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Name: Boys Next Door
Alternate Name: Shounen Zanzou, Immagine Postuma Di Ragazzo, Devil Inside, When A Heart Beats, Boys Next Door
Year of Release: 1998
Status: Completed
Author: Miyamoto Kano
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
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Lawrence is a young male prostitute whose actual aim was to look for his brother. Unknowingly, he did find his brother - the owner of the young boys prostitute club. However, his life was about to change when he witnessed the killing of one of the biggest serial killers - Dr. Wolfgang Adrain Cray. Instead of running away, he searches for the murderer and falls in love with him. Adrian, who is basically a nice person (he is a school teacher) takes in Lawrence and reciprocates Lawrence s love. but Lawrence s brother was not too happy about losing a possible money tree and sends out his gang in search of Lawrence.

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