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Name: Kikai-banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu
Alternate Name: A Mysterious Tale Of Wits - Ikkyuu In Bloom, Kikai Banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu Kikai, Tonchi Banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu Kikai, Tonchibanashi - Hanasaka Ikkyuu
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Ongoing
Author: Komiyama Kenta
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
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Long ago, there was an ayakashi who challenged his victims to a battle of wits. If the subject succeeded, the ayakashi would grant them one wish, but if they lost, he would devour their soul. Only one person has been able to consistently defeat this ayakashi and his tricks: the clever Hanasaka Ikkyuu. The ayakashi follows him, ever eager to eat his soul, but for Ikkyuu, using the ayakashi's power to help others is worth the risk! When he chances upon a Yukionna (snow fairy) desperately in need of his ayakashi-extracted help, will his cleverness finally run out?

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