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Name: Suyojeon
Alternate Name: Sooyojeon
Year of Release: 1999
Status: Ongoing
Author: Nano
Genre: Fantasy
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Hae-Gyeong, who has a horrible dream in which he meets a terrible group who are killing him saying that 'Boss star' Hae-Deung, the head of Hyeon-Mu! We are here receive your life. Only the universe may know what will be there at the end of this way! Anyhow, you have to die here and now Hae-Gyeong is a very ordinary highschool boy. Originally Hae-Gyeong was Hae-Deung, King Hyeon-Mu, in the fantasy world, but his pwer had been sealed through the veiled enmity entangled in the Daegyeolgye and born in the present world. Hae-Gyeong gets shocked when he hears about this truth from his best friend, Wun-Hak. What is worse, Kin Ju-Jak, who has suddenly come up, attacks Hae-Gyeong, who has not yet awaken, and he is narrowly rescued by Kin Cheong-Ryong who is helping Hae-Gyeong. Hae-Gyeong, who gets more understanding in his status also gets awakening of his power little by little. How is it going at the end so many secrets involved in him and the veiled enmity among the forces!!

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