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Read The Legend of Zelda: The Edge and The Light Manga Online

Link returns to Hyrule after a 10-year absence, and while he remains tight-lipped about his reasons for leaving, his reasons for returning are just as mysterious. He comes back to a Hyrule racked by natural disasters, a dead king and a missing Princess Zelda. Just what is the cause of all this unrest? ==================================== **This updates 5-6 pages every Friday, and currently I have run the series to the end of chapter 3 (out of 11). I will be posting chapter 3 during next week, and the first part of Chapter 4 "The Golden Power" by the 28TH DECEMBER 2012, to ring in the new year. This is also a fan doujinshi, and it's a mix of prose and manga. It's different to what you may be used to, but this is a big site with many open-minded people, and the feedback so far has been very positive. Thanks to everyone who read this!!

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